Identification of Individual Aerosol Particles Containing Cr, Pb, and Zn above the North Sea

Impact of geoengineering schemes on the global hydrological cycle

Indications of negative effects of aerosols as used for geoengineering on plant growth

Nanomaterials and nanoparticles sources and toxicity

Nanoparticles toxicity and their routes of exposures

Photophoretic levitation of engineered aerosols for geoengineering

Prospects for Physics-Based Modulation of Global Change

Solar Radiation Management is it worth the risk

Study finds mixed views on use of aerosols to limit climate change

Toxilogical Review of Barium and Compounds

US Air Force Owning the Weather in 2025

Weather and Climate Modification (1964)

Weather Modification the Evolution of an R&D Program into a Weapon System

20 reasons why geoengineering may be a bad idea

A contribution to the detection of the aerosols containing sulphate particles

An overview of geoengineering of climate using stratospheric sulfate aerosols

Atmospheric Nanoparticles


Chronic barium intoxication disrupts sulphated proteoglycan synthesis

Climate Engineering Through Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

CRS Geoengineering Governance and Technology Policy

Geoengineering Cost Analysis

Geoengineering could we or should we make it work

Geoengineering Earth’s radiation balance

Geoengineering the Climate An Overview of Solar Radiation Management Options

Geoengineering the Climate History and Prospect

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