The Pythagorean Triangle and Its Esoteric Meaning The Secret Teachings of All Ages Manly Hall (1929) The Symbolism of the Tarot – Ouspensky The Symbolism of the Two St. Johns The Tarot Of The Bohemians The Two Pillars Your Word Is Your Wand Abraham Lincoln Freemason An Address Before the Lodge Adam Weishaupt – A Human Devil (1969) Alchemy Ancient And Modern Alchemy Rediscovered And Restored An Illuminati Outline of History Architects of Deception by Juri Lina Bancal to Cloots (1792) Biliteral Cypher of Francis Bacon Black Sun The Occult Power within All That Is Bloodlines of the Illuminati – Fritz Springmeier Codex Magica – Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols, and Hidden Codes of the Illuminati (2005) Creuiz-Latouche Subsistances (1793) Dark Matters in the Eastern Star Dictionary of Occult Hermetic Alchemical Sigils Symbols Eastern Star Goddesses Esoteric Symbolism of the Watson-Cassoul Apron Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology Francis Bacon’s Cryptic Rhymes Freemasonic intrigue and the British ‘party of treason’ in France Freemasonry and Native American Traditions Freemasonry The Legacy of the Ancient Egyptians Gnostic Handbook Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts History of the Eastern Stars Second District Illuminati Card Game [All Cards Subject Indexed] Illuminati Game of Conspiracy Rules In Tune With The Infinite Introduction to Freemasonry The Master’s Book Magick in Theory and Practice (1930) Maine Masonic Text Book Manual of Freemasonry Masonic Astronomy and the Royal Arch of the Heavens Masonry and it’s Symbols Memoires de Mon Temp – Hesse Mirabeau’s Secret Mission to Berlin New England and the Bavarian Illuminati (1918) New World Order’s New Canaan Order of the Eastern Star Restorations of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry Reverse Speech Metaphor Dictionary Sacred Symbols of Mu Satanic Illuminati Blood Lines Saucers of the Illuminati Secret Societies and Subversive Movements Secret Societies Gardiners Forbidden Knowledge Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy Symbolism of the East and West Symbolism of the Order of Eastern Star Symbols and Allusions in Early Landscape Gardens Symbols The Alphabet of Human Thought Synagogue of Satan Templum Sion On The Master Mason’s Degree Terrorism and the Illuminati The American Eclectic The Anatomy of the Body of God, Being the Supreme Revelation of Cosmic Consciousness The Black Jacobins CLR James The Black Jacobins Teachers of Revolution The Builders A Story and Study of Masonry The Cloak of the Illuminati The Constitutions of the Free-Masons (1734) The Courst System and Freemasonry The Evil Eye The Game of Life and How to Play It The Gnostic Heresies of the first and second centuries The Gnostics and their Remains The Golden Chain of Homer The Lost Key – An Explanation of Masonic Symbols The Lost Keys of Freemasonry The Masonic Messiah RAEL The Mind Cure The New World Order A Second Look The Order of the Pentacles The Origin Of FreemasonryMasoneria Mondiala

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